The non-profit group Mars One hopes to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2023. Dr. Michio Kaku weighs in on the possibilities, limitations and costs with Chenda Ngak.

Felix Baumgartner, the daredevil who broke the sound barrier during a jump from the edge of space last year, sits down with Chenda Ngak. He reflects on his death-defying jump, talks about his impact on future generations of kids, and shares his interest in becoming a space tourist.

Chenda Ngak talks with psychologist and author Catherine Steiner-Adair about how to set limits on children with digital devices.

Microsoft heads into the holidays with its next-generation game console, which it hopes will be an entertainment centerpiece. Chenda Ngak reports.

Sony showed off the PlayStation 4 in New York City demonstrating how the company is betting big on the next generation of gaming. Chenda Ngak reports.

New York City bar EVR adopted a way for patrons to pay their tab with Bitcoin. Co-owner Alex Likhtenstein showed Chenda Ngak how it works.

Apple is heading into the holiday season with an arsenal of new products. The tech giant unveiled updates to its iPad mini and introduced the new iPad Air in San Francisco on Tuesday. Chenda Ngak reports.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch: Hands-on demo Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Chenda Ngak experienced some of its coolest features.

As Google continues to expand into new territories, the search giant is making a big push to become the center of your digital life. Chenda Ngak reports.

Nick Bennett manages hacking investigations at security firm Mandiant . He talks to Chenda Ngak about how the New York Times is just one of many American companies infiltrated by the Chinese.

Me-Ality scanners create a 3D-image of your body and then suggest which clothing styles at which stores will fit you best. But does the technology really work? Chenda Ngak heads to the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ to find out.

Apple announced updates to its iPad line, including the smaller, cheaper iPad Mini as well as a fourth generation iPad. Chenda Ngak reports.

CBS Eye On Apps 

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